Sensing Edge:  MGR20

Sensing Edge: MGR20

The MGR20 Sensing Edge is designed specifically to be mounted to a 2” round gate post. It is manufactured to user specifications for length and outlet location. Featuring unique three-sided activation, the MGR20 sends a signal to operator controls to stop and/or reverse gate operations.

  • Features three-sided activation
  • Profile and size ideal for guarding various gates styles featuring a 2” round post
  • Measurements: 2.875”H x 3.625”W
  • Mounts directly to post; no mounting channel necessary
  • Labor saving: easy and fast to install
  • UL 325 Recognized Component
  • Options/Configurations:
    • Color: black or yellow
    • 10K (monitored)
    • DC (monitored)
    • 2-wire (non-monitored)
    • Wire outlet: universal, left, or right
    • Maximum length: 10′ (ground shipping maximum: 8′)
  • Accessories:
    • Miller Edge interface modules: GEM-102 (2-wire pulsed), GEM-103 (4-wire pulsed), GEM-104 (normally closed)

Miller Edge Transmitter/Receivers for monitored or non-monitored wireless sensing edge configurations