Model AVI-X Transmitter

Model AVI-X Transmitter

4.5″ diameter ‘hockey puck’

Automatic Vehicle Identification System Transmitter, Single Code

Identifies vehicles equipped with a uniquely coded AVI transmitter and provides two relay outputs; presence and pulse. The presence relay will activate as long as the AVI transmitters is in range. The pulse relay provides a single 1/4 second pulse when a valid code is received.

The two LEDs on the front panel indicates the presence of power (green LED) and a valid-coded transmitter within the loop area (red LED). The receiver is connected to a loop installed in the pavement. The AVI transmitter must be in close proximity to, or over, the loop for the receiver to respond.

The AVI-BP has a front panel sensitivity potentiometer. When turned clockwise the sensitivity increases. Turning the potentiometer counterclockwise decreases the sensitivity. The receiver is factory programmed to identify a single specific transmitter code and does not require any adjustments or setup. The receiver is fully operational immediately upon application of power.